Getting Started

Gruha has made interior design easy and accessible to Customers by our marketplace which brings you the expertise of some of India’s best designers, service partners, a vast catalog of furniture and decor, reliable warranties and professional installation — online — making furnishing your dream home personal and easy.
Gruha has spent sufficient time curating Design Partners, Product Manufacturers, Project Managers, Installation Partners in the market. Gruha has entered into stringent MOUs with these partners to ensure they adhere to quality and timeline standards. Individual contractors/designers rarely have this sort of performance guarantee control on their partners.
Gruha offers complete interiors for all residential homes, be it small or big, apartments or individual homes or villas.
In design parlance, when we use the term “full home design”, we’re referring to designing interiors for the entire home, i.e, kitchen, bedrooms, living, dining and any other spaces in your home.
In most cases, yes, Gruha can work with you to design a part of your home, be it just your modular kitchen or your living room. However, we suggest a consultation with a designer to get a definite answer, based on your unique scope of work.
Yes, of course! Our Personal designer is trained to manage consultations via email/ chat/ video.
Gruha has a repertoire of top design and service partners, who will design, deliver and install your home. When you book us, you’ll be matched with a design partner who will be your single point of contact through your design journey. Your designer will subsequently help select a suitable service partner for your home interiors project.
Our community of interior designers is the very best the industry has to offer, handpicked and vetted to design beautiful, functional homes that are personalised to your requirements, lifestyle and needs.
Gruha offers end-to-end home interiors, which includes civil work by our trusted and professional service partners. To know more, please discuss the scope of your requirements with one of our designers.
Our trusted community of service partners is audited on stringent parameters, including quality, adherence to timelines, costing, craftsmanship etc. Our partners are handpicked from over thousands of small and big contractors/ vendors in every city we operate in.
Yes, definitely. Our offices are equipped with a vast library of materials and finishes to help you understand how Gruha can transform your home interiors, and make an informed decision of booking us.
Design time can depend on a lot of factors; choosing the products and finishes, number of iterations, your availability, response time, etc. At Gruha, we give you the freedom to share feedback and iterate designs several times. Invariably, it can impact the overall duration of your project. Hence, to get your final designs faster, while your designer would do their best, we would also request for your continued support.

Designing my dream home

You’ll be meeting your Personal Designer in person at one of our Office or via video/ phone call if you live outside one of our operational cities. You’ll be discussing your home needs, design goals, and ways to improve and utilize the space. After the consultation, your designer will share a personalised design proposal with estimated cost.
A BOM is a bill of material (BOM), which is an itemised sheet of all products, furniture, services and their costs.
We’ve curated an extensive catalogue where you can find anything and everything for your home project — from sofas, beds, chairs, tables, lighting, appliances to kitchens, wardrobes, storage units — in every shape, color and finish you can imagine!
We recommend keeping iterations to a minimum of three or four because each revision will affect projected timelines.
Definitely! Your Personal Designer will show you the various samples at our office for a touch and feel experience.

Managing my home project

The Project Manager will be the single point of contact and will manage your project, from start to finish.
Gruha ensures complete transparency when you design with us. When your site execution begins, your Project Manager will share a detailed timeline and schedule and will regularly keep you updated on the progress via emails.
Not necessarily! Your Project Manager will visit your site at regular intervals to monitor work.
We highly recommend speaking to your designer about the feasibility of staying in the home while it’s being renovated.
Extended timelines can be due to a lot of factors such as design iterations. We suggest you speak to your Gruha designer to resolve your concerns.

Delivery and installation

Your on-site execution will be handled by expert service partners, trusted and handpicked from over thousands of service providers and contractors in your city, to give you a superlative home design experience. All Gruha branded products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factories, partner brands handle their own manufacturing, and customised products are handled by service partners, and then duly delivered and installed.
A dedicated team at Gruha is tasked with regularly auditing the quality of your site — to ensure smooth installation of your home project. Our audit team troubleshoots and weeds out any non-performing service partners and blacklist them. Apart from this, your designer will also be closely monitoring your project progression, quality of site work and will keep you abreast.
It takes 45 to 60 days depending on the complexity of the design.

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